I’ve Been Keeping a Secret…

Okay – before I elaborate more on my secret… let’s talk updates…

If you haven’t already – you should check out my music and photography pages… not to mention my brand spanking new from my heart page (also – I’ve update my about me  and faith pages too) — these pages are easily accessible over on the left … 😀

Back to my secret…

For the past month or so, we’ve been organizing and planning a trip…

A big trip…

A really big and exciting trip….

To a place I haven’t been in five and a half years….

Have you guessed yet? 😛

We are going to South Africa!!!!!

Not just that, but –

My aunt and cousins from Australia will be there, my other aunt and uncle who live in Spain will be there, and my lil big brother will be at my mom’s place too — with my niece…whom I have never met (except on skype). And then of course, my grandparents and mom, step dad, and sister will be there too. (and friends!! 😛 )

So, except for 2 cousins – Matt will get to meet my whole family on my mom’s side!!! (Unfortunately my big big bro and my sister in law (they’re not actually married, but might as well be) will not be there, but Matt’s met them before…)

Even more awesome he’ll get to meet my dad and step-mom for the first time!! After being married for 4 years (in Dec) … I think it’s about time he meets my dad! Don’t you?! 😛

What is going to make this trip even more special… my mom’s whole family will be spending Christmas eve and Christmas night at my mom’s house – that’s 15 people!! And all family!! 🙂 Family that I haven’t seen in 5+ years!!

We’ve already got some pretty exciting trips planned with my dad and step mom, mom and family, and with friends.

We are very very excited and our tickets are all booked…. I have a count down on our whiteboard in our kitchen….

So the next few months will be filled with planning, jumping up and down with excitement, saving…

With a couple fun things thrown in here and there (we have a couple of vouchers/groupons to use which will provide entertainment while we’re saving our butt’s off!!)…

Therefore, I probably won’t be blogging too much until after our trip…

I hope you can understand 😉


P.S: We have been so very blessed in the planning and providing for this trip… we had intended to put the whole thing on credit… figuring that it is such an awesome opportunity to see the whole family and we couldn’t turn it down…but with the help of family members and God’s provisions — our tickets are already paid for…and if things go according to budget plan, our spending money in S.A. won’t need to be credit either!!! What an awesome blessing!!! We are so very grateful!!


9 thoughts on “I’ve Been Keeping a Secret…

  1. woohoo, I’m beside myself with joy! Actually, by the time you arrive I might be quite a few beside myselfs, so look out for a whole crowd of me’s at the airport!

  2. So excited that you and Matt will be visiting SA! I do hope you won’t be TOOO busy and that I will get to see you and meet your wonderful husband. Love and kisses, Margie xx

    • Of course we won’t be too busy to see/meet the Fish’s!!! 🙂 I believe dad already has a date and place in mind for a dinner with everyone…
      Looking forward to seeing you!! 🙂

  3. Where are you going? We went to Cape Town in 2010…it’s amazing! I love the country. If you are in Hout Bay, you have to go for dinner at the Chapmans Peak Hotel…it is so cozy and romantic and overlooks the bay. 🙂 Have a blast!

    • Ok. So I know you are South African. LOL. But it was so cute there, you have to try it. Have a blast with your family!

    • Lol – We’re going to Johannesburg (where I was born) and Durban (where I grew up)…so Cape Town is unfortunately not one of our stops…this time…

      I’ve never actually been to CT… but I know it’s beautiful and if/when we return in the future – it will definitely be one of our stops!! (And I will try to remember to have dinner at Chapmans Peak Hotel!! 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!! Hehe!)

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