I’m alive…

I know it has been AGES since I last blogged…. and, I intended to do a follow up post regarding math, etc — but things have just been insane.

As in – pulling out my hair, driving my husband crazy, throwing things across the living room not being myself crazy. Tonight (Tuesday) will be the first time in over a month that I have gone to my ladies bible study group…. I haven’t turned my kindle on since that last meeting I attended…. apart from dinner with my in laws and two quick meet ups with friends, I have done nothing social or “fun”…. (except watching a few dvds and playing Skyrim in between assignments etc)

Quite frankly, until last week – I hadn’t done much of anything besides school work and work….that includes letting the house turn into a pig sty neglecting house hold chores and if I’m being honest, my husband too.

Needless to say – it has not been fun!

However – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and I’m being a good housewife again)—-> in a two weeks I will begin my very last week of doubling up classes – so in three weeks I will go back to only having one class at a time…. I cannot begin to tell how much I am looking forward to that.

I won’t go into details regarding the hell that was my life for 2 straight weeks – but I will say:

  • I had to take a day off of work in order to meet a major deadline
  • I spent 13+ hours on said day doing my assignment/project
  • For a different assignment/project I submitted it literally seconds before the deadline – and was very unhappy with it…was convinced I’d fail…. I didn’t.

But, like I said — I’m doing better…as long as I do not procrastinate my final assignments for my current two classes…I see only sunshine and smiles in my future! 🙂

To commemorate this “fresh start” I am going to try to participate in the following month long photo challenge – brought to you/me/us by Belle over at Scrambled Eggs (click the link to learn more about the challenge and if you’re interested in taking part).


(Photo courtesy of Belle…of course)

I am really going to try to stick to this challenge — I will use a combination of my Canon and my iPhone to take the pictures – but in all honestly, most of them will probably be taken with my iPhone….

So – prepare for weekly updates of my interpretations of the prompts….

Until then – have a great week everyone! I’m glad to be back!


P.S – if you’re a bundle of love and compassion, and are looking for someone who needs some love and support, please head over to Mo’s blog and send some love & prayers her way…she’s a remarkable woman who is trying to be strong in the wake of losing her 23 week long pregnancy and saying goodbye to her son Nadav. Her resilience and strength is beyond admirable!!


2 thoughts on “I’m alive…

  1. Wow, you’re past two weeks do sound crazy. When you look back at this time sometime in the future, you won’t know how you ever manage to do this! You can be proud of yourself! Good luck for the rest of crazy time!

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