Photo Challenge (Day 1 – Day 5)

Checking in with my photo challenge pics…. I did not do day 4 (illuminate) as I was sick as a dog and pretty much slept the entire day… darn cold! I’m on the mend, so don’t feel too sorry for me! 😉

Quick update — hubby and I redid our bedroom closet (will post pics soon)….I will be teaching a third grade physical education lesson on Thursday, it will be the first time I instruct a whole class of students…so — wish me luck and/or keep me in your prayers please!! I’m excited and nervous…but I’m sure its’ going to be fun… how can you bomb a PE lesson, right?? Right!??! 😛 [please note the sarcasm, I have huge respect for all educators!!]

Anyways — here are my 4 photos for the march photo challenge.

No story here — just me and my camera!

The mini-debut of my new tattoo… Will post a better pic of it sometime soon.

Okay… so … I should have captured a photo of my hubby vacuuming… however, I was starting to feel under the weather, so when I remembered the prompt for day 3, I got this image of my hubby playing skyrim after having vacuumed our living room and couches.(Please note the vacuum next to the tv stand…see —> domestic! 😀 )

Like I said previously, Day 4 is missing… I may capture “illuminate” sometime in the near future, if so – I’ll just add it to the latest post – I won’t come back and add it here.

No story here either — just stopping on my way to work to fill up…I love how this picture captures the under body spoiler totally unclipped and looking ghetto…. this is real life people…. 😛


That’s it so far…. check back in 5 days or so for more, also — here is Belle’s latest and the latest list of participants.





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