Challenge Day 6 & 7

Okay, so my day 6’s photo comes with a little story, so I thought I’d post it tonight, along with day 7’s photo….

Have you ever given your pet vitamins?

Well…before you go classifying me as a “crazy dog owner” let me explain a little — our little Phoebe is a dwarf black lab and because of her size and breed, I am concerned about future hip problems… also – she has seizures….and because we haven’t had her blood tested or anything, we’re trying to eliminate any menial possibilities.

Let me break down what it has been like trying to give Phoebe her daily vitamin – which smells awful!

  1. Try to just give it to her – she turns her nose up at it.
  2. Try to force it in her mouth, maybe it tastes better than it smells? She spits it out.
  3. Try to disguise it in some string cheese – she spits it all out and eats only the cheese.
  4. Her sister (Piper) smells the cheese on the spat up vitamin and puts it in her mouth while I try to give Phoebe another one.
  5. Phoebe notices Piper taking an interest in the vitamin and decides it’s not that bad.
  6. While Phoebe begins eating her vitamin, Piper spits out the “rejected” one, then realizes that Phoebe is eating hers.
  7. Piper eats the other vitamin.

So, now, I have to give both dogs a vitamin (which is going to prove expensive) and try to encourage at least one of them to at least look like she is eating it – so the other one will eat hers….

This is my latest challenge. Although, upon trying to capture the vitamin eating fiasco, I realized that the real challenge is trying to get the dogs to cooperate for a photo with a purpose…. Which is funny, because Belle’s challenge photo captured her challenge to get all her cats in one happy photo.

These are my white/purple/pink orchids…. although they do not look terribly purple in this photo…

Hope everyone is well — not much has changed or happened since my last blog post… still teaching a PE lesson tomorrow…wish me luck!!! 😀

Hope you’re all fabulously well!!



3 thoughts on “Challenge Day 6 & 7

  1. I had no idea the struggles of giving a dog a pill, even if hidden in food. I figured they’ll eat anything! I have a cat and administering any type of med/pill is always a challenge!

    • Yup- its quite the challenge, but it’s also highly amusing! They’re getting better… Tonight, they each spat them out, then Piper ate Phoebe’s and Phoebe ate Piper’s… Lol! So silly! 🙂 My friend has had trouble giving her cats pills too! Can’t even begin to imagine!!

  2. I find it funny how many of us posted photos of our pets for the Challenge day! Your doggies are cute and you are a good dog mommy for making sure they get their vitamins daily 🙂

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