Prayer Card Shower Gift

So a while back I saw an amazing idea on a blog that I follow…. and decided that it would be perfect for a friend of mine

(I am not one to take credit for something I didn’t do…so please see the end of this post…where I give deserving credit to the bloggers responsible for this idea).

The idea: a collection of prayer cards, based on scripture, for a soon-to-be mom & dad.

So – if you wanted to make some for yourself, or for a friend….

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • lots of scrapbook paper
  • binder ring (I used a 2 inch ring – originally bought 3 inch rings from Amazon, but they were too big!)
  • self-laminating sheets, or laminator & laminating pouches
  • glue / scrapbook tape
  • scissors
  • the verses and prayer cues (Lisa -the awesome blogger I got the idea from (see end of post)- was kind enough to email me the prayers & verses to print out – which was a great help!)
  • hole punch
What I did:
  • I printed out the verses and prayer cues and cut them out
  • Then I cut scrapbook paper into 3in x 5in rectangles
  • I glued two scrapbook rectangles together to make each card
  • Then I glued each verse and corresponding prayer cue to the front & back of each scrapbook card
  • Then I laminated and punched each card, placing each one on the binder ring as I went
See – easy…. it is a little time consuming though – so if you do it, make sure you set enough time aside and I recommend doing it in phases…

I got the idea from Lisa’s blog post and she got the idea from Becky’s blog post about her shower gift from Joanna… Lisa was nice enough to email me the verses and prayer cues to print out!


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