Long Overdue Update

When I first moved out to the USA (temporarily) I was awesome at keeping in touch with friends and family – I sent weekly emails and later turned those updates into this blog… But I still emailed weekly with the link to my blog for reference and to let family and friends know there was another update…

Then – I fell in love….and got married….

The updates became almost non-existant, and then, when I did blog, I no longer emailed…

I’ve been clearing out my emails and deleting old emails I had “saved” up… and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed keeping in touch with my family (and friends). I did not even realize that the correspondence had stopped until I went back and looked over the emails….

It made me sad to think I “forgot” about my family and friends… but – to be fair, I was learning how to be a wife and I started school… and once I had settled down and was no longer “just visiting” – the updates were a little less exciting…. and to be honest, before – the updates were to share my experience over here…. once I got married…they would have just been about my life – and I guess I wasn’t sure how to write about that, or who would be interested in updates about my “unassuming life”.

But – I miss the emails and keeping in touch…. (granted, I had to be reminded of them before I even realized I missed them… terrible!)

I intended to email my family and friends with a link to this post — (some of which already follow my blog, but many who do not)– so here is a quick update of my life:

  • I have been nannying with the same family for 3.5 years (the family I began working for after I finished au pairing)
  • I have my associates degree and will have completed my bachelors degree (in education) by the end of the year.
  • My last day as a nanny is August 17th… and I will begin student teaching (as long as I have a placement) in the fall (which is September).
  • Matt and I are doing very well and still very much in love and happy in our marriage.
  • Our two dogs are doing well, Phoebe has seizures sometimes, but not often enough for us to be too concerned or to put her on medication – and there do not seem to be any residual affects.
  • We got a cat in December 2009, he was the best cat ever…. but he went missing and never came home… 😦 I still miss him a lot!
  • I have made some really great friends over here — life-long friends who challenge me in my faith and have made me a better person through their friendship.
  • Hubby and I tried to conceive for 3 years, without luck … but (after much heartache, soul searching, and prayer) have come to accept that the timing of our endeavors was not right and we’re grateful for the blessing of our unanswered prayers. (See my “From My Heart” page for info)
  • We visited home (South Africa) over Christmas… and had an amazing time – the only down side, there were so many people we wanted to see and so many things we wanted to do, that there just wasn’t time to fit it all in.

I think that covers all the important stuff… for further updates you can peruse my blog and check out what I’ve/we’ve been up to, etc.

For those I haven’t been in touch with for a long time – I’m really sorry for my lack of communication (although it does “take two to tango”… and if I ignored your attempts at keeping the conversation going, I sincerely apologize).

I hope you are all doing very well – please comment or send me an email with an update of what has been happening in your life as of late – I’d love to catch up!

(Also, if you’d like to receive emails when I blog – you can sign up on the right hand side of the page – it’ll be like old times! 😉 )





3 thoughts on “Long Overdue Update

  1. Hi Bon, Thanks for your bloq, I’m really rubbish at communicating, however I think of you often and am very proud of your accomplishments. Please include me in your emails. Our family is so scattered. Keep well and keep the updates coming.
    Love to all. From all of us downunder. XXXX

  2. thanks for the news. 🙂 you know what with some friends the communication may not be that often but you still have a place in each others memories and hearts. i have read a few of your blogs and know are doing well. its been great to see how you have lost yourself in God. That is amazing. You are passionate for Him.

    ah, the whole falling in love thing does sound amazing.

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