Day 18 – Day 25

Here are my latest photo challenge photos…

I’m now only missing 3 – Day 11 (Living), 22 (Market), and 23 (Move)… I will probably have those up with the last six for the month by Saturday… I’m so excited to have stuck to this…sure – I cheated a little… I didn’t necessarily take each of the photos on the day they were “prompted” — but… many/most of them I did… so I’m quite proud of myself… Thinking of continuing with different monthly challenges…

There is nothing quite as healing as a fresh day, and a beautiful reminder of God’s beauty and faithfulness!

This is Piper… Usually, right after a good downward facing dog stretch, she relaxes in child’s pose….

These are the cards I mentioned previously… they are the numbers I see every evening when I go to record my daily thoughts/happenings/prayers/hopes/etc…

Most people captured photos of electronic buttons for this prompt… but due to the fact that a number of my sweaters are in desperate need of “button replacement” sewing… these are the buttons I immediately thought of when I saw the prompt… (Not all of these buttons represent empty-sweater-button holes, just the four in the back…)

After accidentally finishing off my coke the night before — this was the treat my hubby had for me this day… a nice full replacement! 🙂

Hugs from my Phoebe – I know, I didn’t actually take this photo, hubby did…but I didn’t think you’d mind 😉

Sparkly shirt for our morning movie date to see Hunger Games!! Awesome awesome awesome movie!!! 😀 Loved it! Definitely did the book justice!


That’s it for now…

Hope this finds you well! 🙂



P.S: check out Belle’s latest and a list of the current bloggers participating in the March Photo Challenge.


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