March Photo Challenge: Day 26 – 29 (and about our lost boy; RayRay)

Here are my latest photo’s for the March Photo Challenge…

I know I mentioned a favorite mug before, but in all honesty — this is my favorite… I got it (with a teacup,saucer, and teapot) on our trip to Disney a couple years ago… I love Alice in Wonderland and have a soft spot for the mad hatter. This is my “go-to” mug when I’ve had a rough day or don’t feel well. [On a side note – I thought my watermark may interfere with the prompt tag…I’m sorry for the sloppiness…but I’m too lazy to fix it… 😮 )

I don’t make dinner often… but on this night hubby was feeling under the weather – so I took care of dinner. I made veggie burgers…. now, we are meat-eaters… and we’ve tried a few different varieties of veggie burger patties…but! They’re so fresh and full of both veggies and flavor! We love them. (They’re Morning Star…in case you were wondering.)

I know – nothing cozy about this picture, right? Well – it was dark, gloomy, and rainy – and I was at work… when I would have rather been at home cozy under a blanket with a good book (they one I’m currently reading: Game of Thrones would have been perfect).



Disclaimer — when I began this challenge, I wrote all the prompts in my daily planner…and apparently I have such bad hand writing that I cannot even read it myself — day 29’s prompt is actually cut…but I thought it read cat…… anyways…. my misunderstanding finally prompted me to write about our cat…so I’m leaving it as is…

This picture was taken a long time ago… this is/was our cat RayRay… you can read a little about (and see some more photos of) him here, here, and here… he went missing about a year ago and we never found him…I get really sad just thinking about it, and for this reason I’ve been putting off writing about him – but I have been meaning to write about him since before he went missing, because he really was the best cat…

As you can tell from the picture – he was a wild one… he loved being playful and really enjoyed playing with the dogs… seriously… he had all his claws but knew not to use them when playfully wrestling with the dogs. Piper would play bite him and he would grab her face (sans claws) and bite her… they had a great time. He would go out with the dogs in the morning and play with them… and just like the dogs – if we knocked on the kitchen window, he would come to the door to be let in. If he didn’t want to come in, or wasn’t around when we left for work, he would be waiting on the front porch when we got home from work…and would run up to the car to greet us.

Going for a walk with the ladies...

Often I would go out to look for him, and he’d be way down the street, or in the back yard of the house two houses down, and if I called him – he would come running bolting straight to me…. also – if I patted my chest – he would jump up into my arms… with complete trust… not using his claws (except on the rare occasion I didn’t realize he was jumping up and wasn’t prepared).

He was also the most friendly cat…content to greet and snuggle with anyone…. when some of my girl friends came over for ice-cream and some kinect fun, we took a walk down the street to look at the full moon – he came along…walking with us along the sidewalk….he used to do the same when Matt and I walked down to the store, he’d walk along with us, until we crossed the street, where he’d wait for us. It was always amusing to watch him when he was outside, because he always walked along the sidewalk…never through people’s front yards.As I sit here, remembering my crazy, cuddly, loving, trusting, unique, playful cat with tears streaming down my face — my heart breaks…not just for the family member we lost, but because no cat we have in the future will ever replace him…. I’ve been spoiled, because I don’t even want another cat, I want my RayRay back. 😦

I have a found another photo challenge/prompt list for April…and am excited to continue with my daily photo taking… I’ll try to be more organized/scheduled with my uploading though… more details on my April photo challenge soon.


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