Goodbye March

So…here are the last of my March Photo Challenge pics….

This is how I earn a living right now…and as much as I’m looking forward to being a teacher…I will miss these two crazy girls!! I have spent the majority of the past 3.5 years with Lil E… When I started at my job, she was 10 months old… not even walking yet — now she’s talking up a storm, learning to read, and climbing/jumping/dancing/skipping/galloping like mad. Big E hasn’t changed all that much, just become more independent – she’s been super-smart since the day I met her, when she was about 2.5 years old. Now she’s finishing up kindergarten – reading better than some 2nd graders, doing insane mental math…. and challenging herself to a “phases of the moon” science fair project!

This is an African drum we bought at a flea market on our trip to South Africa.

So – I used to be super active and physically fit…before I got married – I was doing jazz dancing at the community college, before that – hip hop and scuba diving. Now – I just run after those two cute kids in the first pic…. but I am far from fit… I’m trying to change that. Me and this treadmill… we’re going to get to know one another… I already did a 14 minute mile a few days ago…almost died, but I did it. Hubby and I are hoping to do the DC color run in September.

Last night we went to a certain store, to spend some “cash” earned on a previous trip to said store…

I have come to realize that I need to be careful what clothes I buy, and which sections of the store I look for clothes in, and I need my wardrobe choices to mature…

I went to grab a cute shirt off the rack – I really liked it, a lot – and was beaten to the rack by a pre-teen…. okay, maybe she was a teen…but either way — she was way younger than me… I had a vision of walking into a classroom, as a teacher, and having the same outfit as one of my elementary school students. Needless to say, that “cute shirt” lost all it’s appeal….

Today’s prompt is complete…and this is a photo of my completed field experience record. I have officially completed 100 hours of classroom observations, and have also (very important folks) completed my record of these 100 hours!! I am so happy to have completed this before summer break, but not just that…I am excited to have my Thursday’s back (I have Thursdays off of work and have been using them to complete my observation hours). Also – I’m one step closer to the completion of my degree!! Yeeeehaw!

Tomorrow it is April…can you believe it?

I am starting a new photo challenge, as I mentioned in my last post — this one comes from an Australian blogger named Chantelle.

Much love



5 thoughts on “Goodbye March

    • oooh!! Are you going to participate? 🙂

      Thanks – I’m very relieved to have it completed and to be able to “check it off” my to list – where it has been since the beginning of the year…bec although I’ve been getting my hours, I’ve been terrible at keeping up with recording them…. 😛

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