Saying Thank You

So I recently mentioned that I have completed my required 100 hours of field experience or classroom observations (no – this is not student teaching, that is separate and I hope to begin this in the fall). Normally I am placed at a school for anywhere from 20 – 50 hours of field experience, with 2 – 5 different teachers. At the end of my stint at each school, if it is a long term type of placement and not only 1 – 3 days, I normally give each teacher a thank you note and a little something. At my first placement I took mini cupcakes for the whole staff – I put them in the teacher lounge with a note, and gave each of the teachers I observed a card.

At my latest site however, the number of staff members made it impossible to just leave something in the lounge – because chances are, many of the teachers I had observed would have arrived well after the treat was finish/consumed. So – I had to give each teacher a note and a little something…

I had seen a really unique, cute, and easy idea on pinterest for little gift bags – so I decided that I would make little gift bags and fill them with a small handful of chocolate treats. So…low and behold my gift bag creations! 😛 [the inspiration for the dots came from another pinterest pin)


This was the first time I have used a sewing machine since 1999 – and even then – I can’t remember if I even did any of the sewing needed for my eighth grade market day product (I think maybe my team member Samantha did all the sewing).

In case you can’t tell – I cut brown paper bags to give them a scalloped top and bottom, and I sewed the bottom shut.

Very easy polka dot stamping with some paint and a pencil eraser.

Then I filled them with candy (once the dots were dry of course – I left them overnight), folded the tops over and clamped them shut with those office supply clampy things… have no idea what they’re called… so forgive my ignorance! 😛 The backs of the gift bags were polka-dot free – so I simply clamped the little thank you cards onto the back.

This was a very fun project – and all I needed to buy was the candy/chocolate. I am very excited to have discovered that I can sew…

Not to worry – I’m not going to attempt to make myself elegant summer dresses any time soon — but I hope to find some small sewing projects to develop my “skills”…so perhaps in the very distant future that won’t be such a crazy thought! Hehe!




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