Personalizing Gifts

 I love people …

I love being creative …

I love giving people gifts …

I love a well wrapped, thoughtful, handmade gift …

When one of my close friend’s wedding was looming, I began looking for something special to give her for her bridal shower. I was looking on etsy and found some wood-burned cutting boards…. ah – ha! But… they were over priced..considering….I could do that myself surely – and it would be much more meaningful (albeit a little less perfect) than something ordered off etsy…and so I embarked on my wood burning adventure.

I do believe I have improved with practice (poor Mel was my first…but that’s makes it even more special, right? 😛 ) … It is a time consuming task, but it sure does satisfy the creative spirit in me – the same as drawing does… which I do not find much time for, and I’m not that great either. Here are my babies…all of which have found new homes with the gift recipients. [please excuse the photo quality, most of these photos were taken as a second thought in a rush before they were wrapped]

My first cutting board - shower gift

My second cutting board (also a shower gift)

My third cutting board - for SIL for Christmas

My fourth cutting board - another Christmas gift



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