Prioritizing That Which Brings You Joy

In the middle of August I will be unemployed… I will be student teaching for 3 months…

Then – I will be searching for a job….

Hopefully, once I get a job – we will start a family.

With all of this in mind – dear-husband and I have decided to make the most of every opportunity… we’re trying to get out and do more.

We spent 3 years being responsible, because we were always “on the verge” of being parents… or so we thought.

We used to go to concerts all the time – we are both super passionate about music, but hadn’t been to a concert in forever… this year – that has changed! We’re calling this the year of the concerts, or as hubby put it – our one year baby-moon (like a honeymoon, but before having a baby….).

We saw Andrew WK 3 weeks ago… tomorrow we’re going to see Need to Breathe….in May we’re seeing Slash, POD, and Red…. and now…we’re going to Bamboozle 2012!! I am so beyond excited — for all of it!!

But especially for Bamboozle (a 3 day festival)!! Incubus, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Eat World, Boys Like Girls, All American Rejects, Armor for Sleep and many more!! It’s going to be up there with the best birthday weekends ever — 2 years ago we went to Disney… think this might top it! 😛

I’m super excited and wanted to share my excitement with you.

What are you excited about this year?

Have you ever realized you were straying from the things that make you happy, or stopped making them a priority?

Did you re-prioritize? Are you still trying to find a balance?


4 thoughts on “Prioritizing That Which Brings You Joy

  1. “on the verge of being parents”, I couldn’t have said it better myself. We’ve been on the verge now for almost 2.5 years. We had a very similar conversation recently that we will plan little getaways. We can’t really afford a major vacation, but even a day trip here and there would be nice. We haven’t done much of that at all and I think we need it! 🙂

    • need it and deserve it!!! We can’t live “on the verge”…. we can’t put our lives on hold while we wait….Do whatever you can afford – small trips are still getaways where you guys can reconnect and relax!

      I’m hoping to extend our “year of the concerts” to include date nights… not necessarily expensive date nights – but time to reconnect and have fun together.

      Getaways, concerts, date nights….these are all things that once we eventually become parents (which I pray we do) we will long for and will covet… so even if we are “on the verge” — that is even more reason to make them a priority!!

      About to hop over and comment on your post…

  2. Good for you, Bon, for treating yourselves to all those concerts!
    It’s so easy to forget yourself and your (other) needs when you’re in the middle of TTC/IF.
    And while we all know that “relaxing” does not help our chances of getting pregnant by the tiniest bit, it does help deal with the stress and stay sane and healthy.

    • Absolutely!!
      Although it is near impossible not to, we need to try our best to not become consumed in it all…. and the best way to do that, is to ensure we continue in our pursuit of happiness outside of IF and TTC… (I know – easy enough for me to say that now… as I am on a break…. I’m the worst when it comes to becoming consumed in TTC…. but I hope to manage it better when we start TTC again.)

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