Why, Hello May…

Today is the first day of May…

May is my birthday month….for privacy issues, I will not divulge the actual date…. so – if you feel so inclined (and do not know me in real life..) — you may shower me with birthday love all through May!! 😉

Not only is this my birthday month…but we have a lot planned for the month of May this year….

  • In a few days we will see Slash, live in concert at a really cool, intimate venue…. cannot wait!!
  • A few days after that we will be seeing P.O.D and Red at the same venue …. SUPER excited for this show!
  • In a few weeks we will be heading to New Jersey for the Bamboozle Festival…. with VIP tickets (which allows us access to artist meet & greets)…I cannot begin to express my level of excitement, at least not in words ….

Despite my high levels of excitement for everything that May holds in store…. I found myself with an unexpected day off of work today…. I thoroughly enjoyed looking out my living room window to a quiet, peaceful, and very-much empty street and neighborhood… Before taking care of some cleaning and overdue Skyping with my adorable almost-three-month old nephew and “Sister-in-law”….I sat in the morning sun, thinking about whether I wanted to read or not (and basked in the freedom of it all), and enjoyed a cup (or two) of coffee….


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