May 2012 has started off with a BANG

I am going to start by sharing my Day 2 & 3 photos for the challenge…. I actually took both of them yesterday (my first real cheat…), but I planned it that way – since I already knew we would be in the city, I figure it’d make a better skyline…besides – you already saw my “best” skyline for my sunset pic last month….

Baltimore Skyline

Shoes for Slash show… (hate how fat my foot looks in this pic…but oh well)

So – last night was the Slash show… we decided to go to the zoo before the show, and just spend the day in the city…which we did.

It was an amazing day-long date with the hubby, and we had a wonderful time!Even though the zoo just made us sad…. I forget how sad zoos are….

Although…I was reminded of why there are zoos at all — to help educate people and give them the opportunity to see animals they may never see in the wild. Although, visitors are only being educated if they’re actually reading the informational signs correctly….

Here are a couple of insightful nuggets of information for ya, courtesy of some patrons of the Baltimore Zoo:

Dad to daughter:These are rhinos, they are mean…and they are vegetarians, I think, no, that’s hippos….maybe they eat meat….” [yes, rhinos can be mean, but I wouldn’t say they’re mean…. sure, you shouldn’t try to hop the fence to pet one…but that goes without saying, actually…. hmmmm, maybe not]

Kid to parents:They’re wrestling..” [while watching some exotic tree frogs mating] — okay, that one is endearing… 😛

Kid to friend:Look! Badgers….” [at the prairie dog exhibit…prairie dog…as in small brown rodent]

Prairie dog

Badger [not my image]

Parent/Teacher to kids:They’re ….[insert weird bird name here]…” [while indicating the vultures…which are very clearly vultures…remember, there are pictures along with the names and information about each animal…so this person looked at the informational plaque and still pointed at the wrong bird]


[I will dedicate a whole post to some of the photos taken at the zoo]

After our visit to the zoo we browsed around Barnes & Noble and realized we didn’t want to carry heavy shopping bags into the Slash show managed to demonstrate some self control, even though we saw many books, journals, random odds and ends we now covet would have loved to buy. Then we had drinks and lunch/dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (we [or I] were hoping Slash would stop by for a pre-show dinner, but he did not 😦 ).

The Slash show was amaze-balls amazing!!! The best show I’ve ever been too… Didn’t I just say that last week about the Needtobreathe show? Well…I have a new “best” show…. because Slash, Myles Kennedy (from Alter Bridge), and the Conspirators pulled out all the stops and were true rock stars. Slash is a legend and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see him play live, and in such a small intimate venue — even more blessed!!

Slash, feat. Myles Kennedy with the Conspirators

We will be seeing P.O.D and Red on Sunday (at the same venue)… needless to say, tomorrow will be spent sleeping in, napping, and relaxing….


Oh, and here is my day 4 photo:

It’s fun to be a girl

OH!!! And P.S… hubby has already given me my birthday present early … he really is THE BEST!! More on this soon!! 🙂


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