Worldwide “Time Capsule” — May 15th!!

There is this super awesome thing happening on May 15th…. something that is intended to capture and document our lives, right now. A time capsule of sorts…

On May 15th, people from all around the world will be taking photographs to represent and document their lives…their work, their home, and the connections they make. This worldwide project is being lead by

I meant to write about this months ago…but didn’t make the time to do so and now… it’s only a couple days away…. I hope you will click one of the above links to learn more about the project and consider taking part with me! 🙂

Okay – so I know I mentioned how amazing the P.O.D. show was… but I do not believe I shared my “moment” of glory… haha!

Two P.O.D. band members retweeted me on twitter (I know some of you, ahem…. more senior readers may not know what I’m going on about…you can skip this part of the post if you like)…. now..this is not my first run-in with twitter and interactions with “famous” people (I believe they are famous, but hubby thinks I’m silly)…. On an episode of One Tree Hill a while back – the topic of infertility was touched on, and I tweeted Bethany Galeotti (she played Hayley) and she replied to my tweet!!!! 🙂 [I used to tweet from a fake/private account]

Tweet & reply from Bethany

Sonny retweeted me (before the show)

Sonny retweeted me (after the show)

Marcos retweeted my tweet

“P.O.D.” retweeted me

Exciting stuff huh? 😛

Okay okay…. here are my latest photo challenge pics!

My kitchen – hubby making me a delicious dinner and the flowers he surprised me with! 🙂

Enjoying a day with the hubs… shining sun…. beautiful scenery….God’s beauty & glory & peace…. Great day!

A couple of rings that my mom gave me…. they’re special to me because they used to be hers…. She’s the best mom & I’m so thankful for her!


Oh – and P.S. — Blink 182 was removed from the schedule for Bamboozle… 😦 Travis Barker is having surgery so they’ve cancelled a bunch of shows…My Chemical Romance will be playing in their place…which is no comparison to Blink…. and I’ve seen them headline a concert…. but – excited anyway! 🙂


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