Bamboozle 2012 – Day 2

To catch up on our Day 1 adventures – check out my previous post here!

The crowd @ Bamboozle Day 2

We woke up on Saturday (May 19th) feeling refreshed and very excited for another day of great music. Knowing that there were a lot of great bands playing that day, we decided that we wanted to get to the festival grounds early, so that we could get a good spot for the day – especially for Foo Fighters, who headlined that night.

This time, however, we knew where to go to find the VIP entrance (which wasn’t even in existence the day before)… so we arrived at the correct gate at about noon. We walked the same route as we did the previous day – and noticed that the alley way where we walked by Brandon Boyd and Ben Kenney was completely blocked off and had security present…. So, no lucky star-spotting or unofficial early entrance for us this time! 😛

We were first in line at the VIP entrance and were eventually let in at 2pm …. we headed straight for the VIP section which had a slightly raised platform – with a perfect view of the main stage.

Hubby and I set for the day

Nothing super exciting happened on this day — so rather than bore you with the moment to moment happenings… I will share the lessons I learned at Bamboozle on Saturday the 18th of May….

  • When at a music festival, you should expect to have your personal space intruded upon — even when in a VIP section where there really is no need for anyone to come and squeeze in behind you. Exhibit A: The 4 people who squeezed behind us after we had been occupying the space for 2 hours, taking turns to make trips to the bathroom, etc.
  • Those who are likely to camp out in your personal space for hours are not necessarily going to be the type of people you expect to engage in such behavior. Exhibit A: When the person who had been literally bumping into me- she was THAT close- started chatting to us, we realized she wasn’t some over zealous teenager…. she was a middle aged woman there with her daughters…..she was also an avid Foo Fighters fan who looked upon us with pity when she discovered it was our first time seeing them…. wow
  • Some bands are not meant to perform for very large crowds in open areas…. Exhibit A: We saw Jimmy Eat World in November 2008 at a really small club, and they were amazing – one of my favorite shows. However, at Bamboozle – they weren’t great at all…. maybe it was because Jim (the lead singer and guitarist) appeared to have hit the bottle rather hard before coming out….? I don’t know – but they were quite the disappointment! Exhibit B: The Maine is a band I had never heard of nor listened to before we purchased Bamboozle tickets. Hubby put some of their songs on an awesome Bamboozle mix and I love every one of them. They’re a super fun band to listen to and their songs are catchy and enjoyable. However, on the huge main stage at Bamboozle…they got a little swallowed up. They were good live…. but they weren’t great. I’m sure they’d be great at a small venue or club…and I would definitely give them another chance to win me over with their live performance.
  • Sometimes seeing a band or performer live will make it difficult to appreciate their music… Exhibit A: I mentioned in Day 1’s summary that we got to see a private acoustic performance due to our early entry…. the performer was Christopher Drew from the band Never Shout Never…. Hubby had put one of his songs on the Bamboozle mix – and I actually really liked it…. however – at the acoustic show Christopher came across as very arrogant and it appeared that he couldn’t have been bothered to be there or to connect with his fans (people who had won early entrance to see him perform this little set). His band played on Saturday (Day 2) and not only did it not get better — it got worse. He continuously spewed out random ramblings about drugs, being arrested, and the fact that dolphins are aliens…. His music is pretty good, and it would be something I’d probably listen to – if it wasn’t for his personality. Now, I cannot stomach listening to his songs because it takes me back to how ridiculous he was on stage. Exhibit B: I have been listening to The All-American Rejects for ten years now and really love their music… there’s just something about it that makes it uplifting and fun to sing-a-long to. However…. the lead singer was offensive with his bad language, the way he cursed at the crowd, and just his general demeanor. Because I have listened to them for so long – I will continue to enjoy their music… but I will never go out of my way to see them live again….
  • Real rock stars don’t need to be arrogant and rude to the crowd to be entertaining….Exhibit A: the Foo Fighters demonstrated what putting on a good show should be and mean. They were amazing!!!! It was just them…. Dave, Taylor, Nate, Chris, and Pat….. the quality of their performance was phenomenal – in terms of being musically great, entertaining, comfortable, and respectful on stage. They definitely put on my new favorite live performance!
That concludes my “lessons I learned at Bamboozle Day 2 2012” … Here are some pics…

The All American Rejects

Jimmy Eat World

My Chemical Romance

The Foo Fighters


6 thoughts on “Bamboozle 2012 – Day 2

  1. I hate when people bump and crowd me at concerts. Not as much as my fellow concert-goer friend Amy who hits people with her purse & tries to burn them with her cigarette lighter, but you know, a more normal amount of hate 😉

    • Tsk tsk Darrel…you’re giving away that you haven’t actually read my post….. I’m a little sad….

      “We saw Jimmy Eat World in November 2008 at a really small club, and they were amazing – one of my favorite shows. However, at Bamboozle – they weren’t great at all…. maybe it was because Jim (the lead singer and guitarist) appeared to have hit the bottle rather hard before coming out….? I don’t know – but they were quite the disappointment! “

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