Bamboozle 2012- Day 3

Our third and final day at Bamboozle was much more relaxing than Day 2, but “fuller” than Day 1

We spent most of the day in a different VIP area – directly in front of the stage, but not raised. It was nice to be able to have unique experiences on each day of the festival – Day 1 we saw 2 bands from the “floor” with everyone…Day 2 we saw many bands from the raised VIP section… and then Day 3 we saw a few bands from a completely different VIP section.

Here is a quick look at the bands we got to see and what I thought of them:

  • Mariana’s Trench (great band from Canada…really enjoyed them and hadn’t heard them before.)
  • Boys Like Girls (love this band, and they were great live!!)
  • Buckcherry (they were great live and I enjoyed their performance… but the lead singer is a little “rough around the edges” for me! 😛 )
  • The Gaslight Anthem (didn’t know them – but enjoyed their performance, one of the band member’s parents were next to us and they were very much into it – it was really cute to see how supportive they were!)
  • Brand New (I really enjoy this band, but their performance was a little self-righteous for me…and there were way too many extra band members playing with them…took away from their performance – in my opinion. They ended their set with the lead singer/guitarist and bassist throwing their guitars across the stage…. a little too over dramatic for me. Still enjoy their music though.)
  • Bon Jovi (this was an experience… having seen all the old ladies guard their spots in front of the stage and the VIP area all day, and sitting through all the “younger” bands and being smushed by their fans all day long just to get a good spot for Bon Jovi was really…. amusing interesting… the band itself was really good live, and Jon doesn’t look like he’s aged a day since the 80’s! We only stayed for 3 songs, it had gotten really cold in the afternoon, and Bon Jovi’s performance was a little too 80’s for us, and besides, all the creepy older people were just that – creepy…. so we headed home. On our way out the gate closest to the main stage we saw a boat load (maybe 5 boat loads) of people just standing outside the festival grounds to hear Bon Jovi!! It was crazy!!)

Once again …. here are some pics….

**For those who only scan through the photos on my blog….Here they are…. I really do wish you would take a moment to read what I’ve shared too…. Especially if you have any questions about the bands photographed…. the answers to your questions are most likely in the written portion of my blog…. 😉 **

Boys Like Girls (Fish Eye)


Boys Like Girls


Brand New


Bon Jovi Collage


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