The Epitome of Spontaneity

***Disclaimer: Hubby and I have never spoken about getting Rabbits before…. neither of us has ever mentioned it, nor have we even considered it in the past. I won’t say that we haven’t discussed any farm animals…Hubby really wants a Nigerian Pygmy Goat…

Hubby: *browsing the Home De.pot website*

Hubby:Β “Hey, check out this awesome rabbit hutch Home De.pot has!”

Me: “Wow – that’s so cool. So they could be outside….what about rain?”

Hubby: “Yeah, it’s designed for being outside, so rain is fine. It’s really cool.”

Me: *puppy dog face* “So we could get bunnies?”

Hubby: “Umm…yeah…we could.”

***About 1.5 hours later***

***About 3.5 hours later***

**Her original name (as on the SPCA name tag) was Hasenpfeffer!!! Considered keeping that name, but it’s a little too mean…so we changed it.

***About 3 hours later***


15 thoughts on “The Epitome of Spontaneity

    • Lol! Our heads exploded a little later… When reality set in… But, we are adjusting well and loving life with rabbits! πŸ™‚

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