Writer’s Congestion

I have so many things I want to blog about — respecting photographers’ work, the colony collapse disorder of bees, how awesome and tricky life with bunnies is, how challenging it is to make friends when you’re in your 20’s and have no childhood friends nearby, and hopefully soon how I’ve been moved, challenged, and impacted by our ladies group’s latest bible study.

When you have this many ideas running around your head – it becomes difficult to focus on one for long enough to give the topic justice… I really hope to just get on with it sometime soon – and to share these thoughts with all of you…

Until then…

Here are a couple of photos of our bunnies….







6 thoughts on “Writer’s Congestion

  1. Nice post. All so true for writers. I found your blog when I did a Google search for “writer’s congestion” (something I’ve been suffering from of late). I wanted to put a name to the ideas that are rolling around in my head and not staying still long enough to get the words out. Thanks. That is one beautiful bunny.

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