Busy Week (Movies, Camping, and More Bunnies)

Hubby and I spent our Thursday evening (and well into Friday morning) watching movies…for a total of 8 hours…

Yup – we were one of the crazy people who decided to go to the movies and watch all three Batman movies in one sitting – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, followed by the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Surprisingly, I did not even almost fall asleep (even though every time hubby and I try to just get through Batman Begins and The Dark Knight at home, we both end up fast asleep before even getting to the second movie).

Now, I have a couple things to say about the whole thing:

  • I had never seen Batman Begins in the movie theatre – so that was an awesome experience
  • Our budget does not allow us to go to the movies very often, so obviously we never see a movie in the theatre more than once…so seeing The Dark Knight in the theatre for a second time was a real treat!
  • The Dark Knight Rises was AMAZING!!! As in – “why do we have a budget!? We need to go and see it again!!!”- Amazing.
  • Waking up (after only a couple of hours of sleep) to the news of the Colorado shooting was surreal, horrifying, heart-breaking, shocking….. and the list goes on. I spent a good portion of my morning trying to conceal tears from the two young girls I nanny (one of whom is the same age as the youngest victim)… there are no words.

Then, on Saturday morning we headed up towards West Virginia to meet up with some friends for brunch. After brunch we all headed over towards Burkittsville – to a really cute little campsite bordered by the Gathland State Park and not far from Harpers Ferry. We then headed to the Appalachian Trail and hiked for about an hour and a half…then we set up camp, played games, had some dinner, played some more games, had s’mores, played a couple more games, and then headed to bed. In the morning we headed into Harpers Ferry for breakfast and some exploring, after which – we headed home.

Here are a couple of photographs from our hike/camping trip…followed by a video of OUR bunnies popcorning!! 😀

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Yummy S’mores

Historic Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry – where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers Converge


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