You Know That Song…The One That Drives You Crazy

So, there is this song on the radio right now….

As in — always on the radio…. At one point, every single time I got into the car it played at some point during my drive.

At first, I really did not like the song….

But — it grew on me, to the point where I found myself singing it in my head as I climbed out of bed in the morning. Yup – you know it’s bad when your first thoughts in the morning are song lyrics.

So, in the interest of being kind generous, and saving you from the agony not keeping this song all to myself… I’ve decided to share it with you — my loyal followers (and anyone else who stumbles upon this post).

(I am aware that you have probably ALL heard this song as many times as I have… in that case – you are now probably going to have it in your head today, you’re welcome I apologize ;P )


And, in case you have heard that song a million times — here are some fun spoofs/parodies for you!




Happy Friday!

What are your thoughts of this song? Has it gotten under your skin like it has mine?

What is the song you have in your head lately/today?

What have you got planned for the weekend?


This weekend my plan is to work ahead and complete all my assignments for my current class… because…. it is my last class until student teaching…which I will begin in August — that’s right — I got my student teaching placement, I will be student teaching in a 4th grade classroom!!! I’m super excited and nervous… but really, I am mostly excited to be in a classroom full time and to slowly work my way up to taking full control of the classroom for a period of time.


7 thoughts on “You Know That Song…The One That Drives You Crazy

  1. OMG you posted the Corgi parody, which is quite possibly my favorite thing to happen this year in pop culture. Aren’t the production qualities stunning? I think it’s better produced than the actual video??


    • Yes!!! It is such a well produced parody! I was super impressed with it and think it makes it all the more entertaining and amusing to watch! 😀

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. wahahaahaha…..i have had that song stuck in my head as well!!! was actually singing it (much to Nick’s dislike) last night and then found myself singing it aagin today!! what great minds we are!! hehe

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