The Great Laundry Emergency

I frequently sometimes leave laundry until the last minute — as in, what am I going to wear tomorrow, oh crap – I have no clean shorts/under.wear/shirts/etc. Better do the laundry!

So yesterday, after discovering I was wearing my last clean pair of shorts, I decided it was time to do some laundry – stat! When I went to put the first load into the dryer – I discovered that the cycle had never finished – my clothes were soaked and there was still water in the washing machine. Which would now not even turn on…..

It turns out that our drain pipe is clogged and when the washing machine goes to drain the water, it overflows — right onto the washing machine’s outlet (which, thank God, has it’s own safety breaker) which then trips itself.

It took us a long while to figure all this out – and by the time I had solved the great mystery, hubby was in bed — so until he gets home tonight and can see if the clog is in the part of the drain that is in the house — I will be unable to do any laundry…..
AND…if hubby can’t unclog it, we’ll have to get a plumber in, which will not only cost a fortune, but it’ll have to wait until during the week (there is no way I am paying “weekend” fees for a plumber).

Needless to say…. it is somewhat likely that I will be wearing dresses and perhaps visiting the in-laws to do some laundry in the next couple days.

Moral of the story people: Do not leave the laundry until the last minute — you never know what might happen!ย 

(I must say – I’m glad it wasn’t one of those “I am out of clean under.wear” laundry emergencies! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


3 thoughts on “The Great Laundry Emergency

  1. i’ve had one of those, couldn’t get the door of the machine opened!! so had to do laundy by hand for a week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ hope it;s sorted out by now ๐Ÿ™‚

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