The Great Laundry Emergency UPDATE

So……I know you have all been waiting all week long to find out whether I did indeed have to do laundry at my in-laws or run out of clean und.erwear…..

Well… I won’t keep you waiting any longer!

When hubby got home he poured some drain-unclogger down the pipe and the the kitchen sink – because the two “water waste pipes” join and continue on to wherever water waste goes…. 😛 And we deduced that the issue was somewhere between the laundry and the kitchen (because the kitchen sink was filling with water when the washer was trying to drain).


At that point – I had an obvious ingenious idea — the hose that runs water from the washer to the pipe is not attached to anything….so I just put it in a bucket and finished my load of laundry!!! 😀 SO silly!! Not sure why it took me so long to figure that one out!!

And … you’ll be happy to know that the unclogging stuff worked!! No more issues!! Woohoo!!! 😀

I will now do regular laundry once a week go back to my old laundry habits… 😉


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