Too Blessed to be Stressed

It’s been almost three months to the day since I last posted an update (not counting the squirrel diner since it wasn’t really an update). I cannot believe what a terrible blogger I have been, although I’ve always understood that I’m not much of a blogger anyway. I blog purely to keep those family and friends who live far away update on my life. However, I have also made some great bloggy friends along the way — and I miss you guys!! I apologize for not being more active lately.

What has happened since I last posted? Well…. let’s see…..

  • After my long term substitute position came to an end, I was hired as a Teacher Support Assistant. Essentially, I was doing the same interventions and providing the same support. The position was one the school needed filled and I was more than happy to accept it, even though I was being paid significantly less. I love the school and the staff there!
  • In April, I also applied for a summer school teaching position, and got it!!
  • In May we went to 3 concerts in one week — Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, and Relient K. They were all awesome!!! Papa Roach was amazing — Limp Bizkit was everything I hoped it would be and more!! Relient K (with William Beckett from the Academy Is) was great too, different, but great! 🙂 (Photos at the end of the post)
  • Also in May, we took part in Relay for Life — this was a very fun and rewarding event!! I loved being able to give my time and help fundraise for such an awesome cause!!
  • BIG NEWS!!! In June I was officially offered a teaching position at the school I have been working at since January!! I will be teaching third grade!!

There it is — the amazing blessings of 2013 so far!! I cannot begin to describe the amount of gratitude and humility I feel to have been blessed so much. I am fully aware of how lucky I am to have been given these opportunities and am not taking any of it for granted.

So, I have had my “own” classroom for a week of summer school now — things have been really good!! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the students and being in control of their learning environment – this is a very important task and I take it very seriously. I’m getting to try out all my procedures and ideas for next year — which is such an advantage and will definitely cut back on the amount of stress I may feel that first week of school.

I have been building my classroom library, and am quite proud of how the amount of books I have managed to collect (through generous friends, family, teachers, organizations, and deal hunting). I have also been making stuff and collecting other things for my classroom — I look forward to sharing some photos of my classroom once it is all set up. My summer school classroom is not actually my room, it’s another teacher’s room, so I am somewhat limited in what I can do in there (although she’s been awesome and very supportive of me using her room).

There is not much other news to share – except perhaps what is happening as I am typing this — we are having our roof replaced….so there is a team of workers on top of our house ripping our old roof off. I have put on some music to help drown out the sound of our house being pulled apart. I think this is not only helping put me at ease a little, but the dogs too. They have been VERY concerned with all the noises – and I do not blame them!! I am very excited for the job to be complete – our roof has had some issues, and just knowing that our roof is 100% new and improved, is going to be great. Also, our gutters have had issues for years, so we are having those replaced too — that in itself is super exciting! 😀 You know you’re getting older and more “grown up” when you’re excited about new gutters!!

Things I am looking forward to:

  • This roofing job to be done! 😛
  • The rest of summer school
  • Going to see Justin Timberlake & JayZ in August
  • Two days later – seeing Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty
  • My first official teaching position starting

Hope you’re having an amazing summer (winter for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere)!! ImageImageImage


One thought on “Too Blessed to be Stressed

  1. wow such cool bands u have seen and are seeing. Matchbox 20 is on my list and relient k. please tell me about those two shows>> oh and all the best with teaching! stoked. Godspeed Bon.

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