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A day in the life…

It has been far too long since my last update!! Three months…wow how time flies!! Although, so much has happened, it almost feels like more time has past.

Here is a taste of a day in the life of Bon……

I feel him climb out of bed and I immediately stretch my legs out onto his side of the bed…. almost lying sideways along the bed…. falling back asleep as he gets dressed and ready for work by the dim light from the closet. “I love you, have a good day” he whispers as he gently touches my leg – “I wove yoo too” I mumble.

As my alarm gently brings me out of rips me from my dreams, I reluctantly open my eyes and reach over to swipe my phone and stop the noise. I unplug the phone charger and check my email, facebook, twitter….. I may or may not doze back off…. eventually I throw the covers off and so begins the mad dash to get out of the door by 7am fully clothed, with something packed for breakfast and lunch, teeth brushed, hair done, and caffeine fix met.

Once I arrive at school I have about 45 minutes before morning duty (my opportunity to greet students with a smile and help them start the day with some positivity)…. during this time I usually catch up on any paperwork I didn’t get to the day before, eat something for breakfast, prepare for the day’s lessons/groups, and catch up with some colleagues.

After morning duty the day goes something like this:

  • Back-to-back 2nd grade groups….. as sweet as can be
  • A 4th grade group … a little more challenging
  • Two 1st graders …. unique and full of energy
  • Lunch… quiet and relaxing
  • Some time to plan
  • A 3rd grade group… excited and willing
  • 5th  grade….the most challenging, but I’m a fan

Sprinkled throughout my day are laughs and grown up conversations with grown ups (something I didn’t get a whole lot of as a nanny). The people I work with are awesome and loads of fun! Not only that, but they’re a great source of professional advice and support.

Over the last couple of months, after work and a somewhat lengthly drive in traffic I would arrive at any one of the following (depending on the day):

  • Home to hang out with my husband and furry children (up until recently, hanging out usually included an episode, or five, of Breaking Bad Season 1 – 4 on Netflix)
  • Home for dinner and then back out for our Ladies Bible Study group (we just finished up 40 Days in the Word (40DITW) by Rick Warren = awesome!!)
  • A Relay for Life team leader meeting (Our ladies group is doing Relay for Life as our Micah Project, from 40DITW — Let me know if you’d like to support us and make a donation.)
  • A reading council professional development seminar

Eventually, I climb into bed and fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. Although, the last week or so….. I fall asleep as soon as my phone hits the bed side table, after half a dozen rounds of Fairway Solitaire.

I hope that wasn’t too corny for you!? If it was, don’t worry — I’m not about to make it a habit.

As you can tell, I hope, I am loving my job!! I am currently a long-term substitute for a Math interventionist, and when the Math interventionist gets back from maternity leave, I will stay on as Teacher Support Assistant (TSA). Essentially doing the same thing, just a different title and less $$.

Before starting this post, I looked back at my last couple of posts, and was pleased when I reviewed my goals for this year…..looks like I am on track! 🙂

How has the first third of 2013 treated you? Is it going the way you expected and hoped it would go? I hope so!!