I love music… I feel that it provides a soundtrack for our memories….The proverbial they say that our senses can trigger memories, and I know most of the time scent is the sense that is talked about…however, for me – hearing music takes me back in time. I know that when I was younger, if I was listening to a song that meant a lot to me while driving, I would sometimes take a detour to make the ride home last longer. I am not always good at expressing my emotions, and I think music is a sort of release for me. I also love ALL kinds of music (as I’m sure you’ll see below)… I used to always say Country music was the only genre I didn’t like (besides heavy metal), but I’ve even grown to appreciate that.

March 2013

Here we are again – beginning of a new year, and a line up of concerts to look forward to! 🙂

We will be seeing Relient K (with Hello Goodbye and William Beckett formerly of The Academy Is…), Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach (with Escape the Faith), and Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.

I am super excited about seeing each of these bands/singers….. and, I think it’s safe to say that this particular mix of music is testament to how varied my taste of music is. As I mentioned above, music has always been very important to me. When I was an angry teenager – Limp Bizkit was “my jam”! (Along with Eminem.) So, I am excited to see them live and for a moment relive the anger and pain I lived through – reflecting on how far I have come as an individual and how much my life has changed. I never imagined, during that time in my life, that I would ever be where I am today!

March 2012

So – hubby and I both love music and one of our favorite pastimes is going to live concerts… yet, we haven’t been to a concert in ages…I think the last concert we went to was Jamie Cullum, and that was ages ago…

Well – since I will soon be without a pay check while I student teach, and our lifestyle is going to have to dramatically change = we’ll be penny pinching, and we hope to be parents soon after we become financially stable again…we realize we have limited time to do the things we love…so … we have 3 concerts coming up in April/May.

Andrew WK (hubby says he’s the best live performer… it should def. be interesting), Slash (super excited for this), and P.O.D with Red (SO excited for this…I used to love P.O.D and can’t wait to fulfill my dream of seeing them live!).

September 2011

My all time favorite band, Incubus, released a new album recently – and I am LOVING it!

My two favorite tracks from the album…

July 2011

I recently discovered 8 tracks – which is an awesome website where people can share playlists that they’ve created… it’s a great way to discover new music, or just to find playlists that suit your mood… If you haven’t already – you should definitely check it out!!

May 2011

Right now – I am loving Paper Tongues!!

Also – Melissa introduced me to Temper Trap…loving them too!!


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